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With you, on your journey - Reena Bernards

“With You, On Your Journey”

Reena Bernards - LCMFT

Life can be beautiful - full of creativity, love and hope. There are also times in our journey when we feel despairing, worried, depressed or confused.  During those times it helps to have someone be there with you, to let you know that you are not alone. Change comes from feeling supported and moving ahead on life’s goals in connection with others.

I am a therapist who puts an emphasis on personal story-telling, attachment and emotional connection. By getting comfortable with our own internal world, we can learn to share ourselves with others in a way that feels both satisfying and energizing.

Whether you are an individual facing loss, depression or anxiety; a couple struggling to communicate well, or a family with worries about how to reach a troubled child, I can be a helping hand.

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Reena Bernards, LCMFT – Licensed Couple and Family Therapist

Certified by:

  • Maryland Board of Professional Therapists and Counselors  

  • District of Columbia Board of Marriage and Family Therapy


Call: 301 367-6480


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