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Bridging the Divide

Working for a more equitable, just and connected society has always been an important part of my life’s goals.  I am committed to bringing diverse people together to forge better communication and relationships, whether they are Blacks and Whites, Jews and Arabs, or Liberals and Conservatives.

As a diversity trainer, I seek to give everyone a voice and to work towards change in a non-blaming atmosphere.  Here is a flyer of a workshop I co-led with Trudy K. Perry at the National Institutes for Mental Health:

Flyer National Institute for Mental Health
Braver Angels

Braver Angels is an organization created by David Blankenhorn, David Lapp and the renowned family therapist Bill Doherty, after the 2016 election in order  to bring conservatives and liberals (Reds and Blues) together to “depolarize America.”  The organization is now in all 50 states and is comprised of thousands of volunteers.


As a Braver Angels volunteer, I created the “Common Ground Workshop” which does a deep dive into a single issue for the purpose of finding unanimous points of agreement on values, concerns and policies.  Through these workshops Reds and Blues have tackled such issues as abortion, election reform, teaching about race and racism in public schools, antisemitism, and addressing climate change.

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